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Brain Infinity Lamp

  • 12 May 2014

Portable, double-scaled light intensity, self-powered from overunity circuit when placed on recharging base.
Self-recharging portable lighting unit, made by an external fluorescent shell, irradiated by an inner led-light system. This design contains a battery system that triggers the recharging process when the lamp head is positioned on its base: a overunity circuit. inside the base then starts the recharging process completely unplugged from the power line. The connection between the battery inside the base and the circuit inside the head permits a highly-enhanced lifespan of the luminous emission, without any electrical imput.
The lamp can either work as a stationary or movable item; when static, it is conceived to be positioned on a recharging base that complete the item design. The portable lamp head is designed to effuse two different lightings shades: when switched On,the light generated is LED; when Off, the lamphead is fluorescent.