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New Overunity System

The Real Free Energy

New Overunity Sistem

  • 12 May 2016

New Overunity Sistem

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Since 2008 Brainhaus Project create and develop art installations using photovoltaic tecnology, but from 2013 our goal is combine art, technology and science, to obtain a new forms of art expression focused to improve social equity and environment preservation through QEG sistem (Quantum Energy Generator) able to generate free energy.
Our project signature icon is the brain, a stylized cerebral section of human brain that summarize the inescindible relation between man and energy. A unifying symbol of the forces that regulate the cycle of life, man and the energy, as basic elements of creation and transformation processes.
Brainhaus designs vary from home devices to wide-scale outdoor installation.
In essence, the guiding idea behind Brainhaus’ developers is this: freely available energy in equal part to anybody in need, anywhere. All designs are hence conceived with a primary environmental-care approach, in regard to materials and technologies to deploy.