Brainhaus Brainhaus Brainhaus Brainhaus Brainhaus

Art Meets Science and Technology

  • 12 May 2016

Matteo Ferretti was born in Parma in 1976. He graduated from the Art Institute in the same city. Since 2000 he has exhibited in several national and international galleries and worked in cities like Paris, Berlin, Miami, Sao Paulo, Moscow and Dubai.
He worked for three years with the Louis Vuitton in the project “Moai travel of light” and also exhibited at the
Fondazione Stelline in Milan.
He participated in the 51° and 53° Biennale di Venezia with artist Marco Nereo Rotelli.
In 2008 founded a research around the concept of the Brain and Brainhaus Project.
At the beginning Brain was a visual and conceptual artistic research based on the stylization of a human brain
covered by silicon cells , the same material of the photovoltaic panels. Subsequently Brainhaus’ aim become to seek creative connections between artistic expression, technological solutions and social gain.
This research has brought Ferretti to the 2010 Beijing International Art Biennale and in 2013 to “New narrative for Europe”, an UE Commission congress where President Barroso gathered artists, intellectuals and scientists to debate on the future of Europe at large.
In the 2014 establish Brainhaus Project Limited in London. Lives and works in Parma, London and Dubai.